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you've got to admit, i'm unique

That's a good thing, right?


I've expanded a multi-million dollar company into BC, I founded and still own an international startup with 6-figure revenue, and now I'm helping another startup raise 7 million dollars and starting yet another business. I'm 22 years old and still in school.


Born and raised on the north shore, Vancouver, I am very passionate about making a positive impact on Canada and the world. I eventually want to enter politics and would love to be the Prime Minister one day.

exceptionally nerdy

Love technology? Check. Love philosophy? Check. Love politics, economics, and psychology? Check, check and check. If it's intellectually stimulating, I'm probably into it.


I live by my values of respect, passion, ambition, duty. I work hard to try to embody these in everything I do, from my professional life, to my personal relationships.


I occasionally write things, sometimes they're even good

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what's up?

Stalkers everywhere, rejoice!

What i'm up to

Building businesses, helping others, and breaking hearts (kidding about that last one). I like to keep busy.

what i want

I do take breaks sometimes, and when I do, these are the things I'd like to fill my time with.

who i am

My friends may call me a tree (I'm 6'3) but I've got personality (and mad rhymes apparently).

"The drive and persistence of Connor was quite apparent even at first glance. At such a young age he has achieved so much as an entrepreneur."

Intishar Jashim

Former employee, Rapture Events

"I admire how dedicated and hard working Connor is... I honestly don't know when that guy sleeps!!"


former employee, Rapture events

"I always learn a lot talking with you."

Connor Smith

Founder, out of the rough

"Truly a force to be reckoned with."

Andrew Lee

former employee, Sonder


So incredibly glad NOT to be living at home

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