Currently I am developing an exceptionally detailed and laid out but flexible plan for my next startup, drawing from industry experts, best practices, and personal experiences to minimize time to market, maximize valuation, and organize everything to be optimal for investors and team productivity. I will begin sourcing my network for co-founders and early investors in late 2017 to early 2018, and I'd love for you to get involved!

Having learned the challenges of managing massive amounts of human capital at Rapture I grew an appreciation and interest in technology, going so far as to map out most major industry agnostic company processes and then curating hundreds of technologies to automate those processes to cut massive amounts of costs and human capital requirements to make scaling a business vastly easier. I also learned how to design and develop this website and others entirely by myself as well as some other programming abilities.

Drawing inspiration from Steve Jobs' mantra of "thinking differently", by taking a data-driven research and user-centered design approach to everything from new product development to organizational architecture (similar to the Zachman Framework), using "how can I help" and "go big or go home" mentalities to everything I do,

A top entrepreneurship student (maintaining an "A" average) at the UBC Sauder School of Business (ranked 1st in Canada and 19th globally for business and economics studies), when I was in my first year at UBC I successfully expanded Sonder (previously Flatbook), to British Columbia, making the company $110k in revenue with 55% of that as profit in just four months at the age of 19. Then I started Rapture Events, an on-campus event marketing agency that worked with music festivals, bars, pubs, clubs, and brands targeting student audiences, becoming then the largest agency in that space in Canada. Along the way I grew that agency business, to 12 cities across Canada, managing over 300 different students, with 6-figure revenue, and securing a board that consisted of two professors from my business school (including one of the heads of UBC Sauder's Entrepreneurship program), and the Executive Director of the BC Music Fund. 

At age 21 I was invited with a few other select students, to advise my business school on their 5 year strategic plan, and was invited by the university's entrepreneurship club to speak to students about entrepreneurship. Having taken a gap year to grow Rapture, now aged 22, I've returned to UBC to complete my degree, leaving the agency business behind having learned enough to begin to plan my next (much bigger) startup and to act as the chosen President of the Vancouver Young Entrepreneurship Network, a highly exclusive group comprised of Vancouver's top young entrepreneurs typically below the age of 35 including those from top incubators/accelerators such as Y Combinator, 500 Startups, Techstars, The Next Big Thing, The Next 36, e@ubc and many more with many raising funds and being valued in the millions.

Given the unique nature of my business, having built and scaled not just a product, but an actual multi-city, large, and distributed organization and business, I learned what it takes to mitigate and manage the growing pains of scaling a business, especially through technology, something that most entrepreneurs don't learn until they're typically at least few years in and starting to scale their product distribution, a stage 95% of startups don't get to. With proven talent and an impressive foundation of knowledge, I consider myself an "expert generalist" with a focus on "people mastery" alongside countless references to back it up (see below). I like to consider myself a future high level CEO in training planning on moving to either San Francisco/Silicon Valley or New York to start my next startup in 2018, and I'd love for you to get involved!

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