Connor Wilson

I was told no one would take me seriously without a website, so here's my website.

🌱 I'm Connor, a Serial Founder with an 8-figure exit.

  • I grew a marketing software startup to $3.4mil in annual recurring revenue without investors in 3 years, helping 15,000 small businesses grow in the process. We sold the business in an 8-figure exit in 2021.
  • We also won the New Ventures BC Award, and made the Ready To Rocket list of the fastest growing companies in BC.
  • Now I'm building Pilot, to help people have an awesome time and make more memories. We raised money from investors, and are in beta. 200,000 people will visit our website this month (November 2022). We were also accepted into the Creative Destruction Lab accelerator.

📚 I also advise startups & entrepreneurs for fun

📈 And, I'm pretty good at digital marketing, growth hacking, product and people management.

  • +10 years experience leading and growing startups
  • UBC Sauder School of Business Education, Dean's Honour Roll
  • Mentored and educated by Harvard MBA professors, and top entrepreneurs
  • Ran a micro-influencer event marketing agency in university that served top brands like Molson Canadian, Red Bull, and Jägermeister, with teams across 12 cities.
  • Prior to being a Founder I was an early employee at Sonder, a now publicly traded unicorn (+$1bn in valuation) hospitality startup.

💖 Lastly, people seem to like working with me, which is cool, because I like working with them.

  • As told by more than +33 positive reviews and testimonials (see below) from past clients, co-workers, teachers, mentors and managers.
  • My investors for my current venture (Pilot), include past employees from previous startup, and other entrepreneurs from NEXT Canada.

👋 The purpose of this website is to give prospective employees, investors, and mentees some context as to who I am, and how I can help.

I'm big on transparency, including making public everything from personality test results, management style, interests, and more.

You can read more about what working with me is like ➡️here.⬅️

My sole purpose in life is to help as many people as possible in as big of a way as possible and have as much fun doing so along the way.

I don't take myself too seriously, and you shouldn't either. I'm just a guy who enjoys helping others while having fun along the way. If you vibe with that, let's connect! :)

Outside of work I've traveled to 23 countries (and 14 states & provinces), solo and with friends/partners. It's my favorite pastime. I also love being social with friends, soccer, skiing, boating, waterskiing, beach volleyball, reading, video games, hiking, working out, and flying.