Free* Entrepreneurship Coaching

One of my goals for 2022 is to give back more. This is my way of doing that.

I can help you start or grow a business, pursue entrepreneurial dreams, and make an impact, by chatting for 1-2 hours (or more) every month or so.

Message me on Twitter to apply

When it runs
Who it's for

When it runs

  • 7-10pm Sundays
  • 3:15-4pm Tuesdays & Thursday

Who it's for

*This is a free service if you are any of:

  • Ambitious High School & University Students
  • Professionals who are working but want to run their own business
  • NEXT Canada startups (current or an alum)
  • Non-profits
  • Someone I've worked with for at least a year
  • Friends

And you...

  • Want to start a business or already run one. The business would be aligned with UN Sustainability goals or what I consider to have a positive social impact. See how I define that here.
  • Have a history of excellence. E.g. Top grades if a student without other achievements, or other indicators of high potential.
  • Are humble
  • Have a desire to learn, be coachable, and work hard.
  • Have the ability to dedicate time to pursuing entrepreneurial goals.
  • Have the ambition and desire to make a large positive impact on the world
  • Can provide references
  • Fit the above and I decide you seem cool and that I like you enough to want to help

I prefer working with people who match the following, however these are not requirements

  • Women, minorities, and those who come from low-income or immigrant families
  • Canadian citizens or permanent residents
  • Vancouver residents
  • Willing to pay it forward to help others like I helped them
  • If for-profit, a B-Corp or willing to become a B-Corp
  • Fun to work with, and open to friendship outside of mentorship (if appropriate)

Sound like you? Apply here and I'll get back to you!

This is a paid service if you do not fit these requirements. Money isn't really why I'm doing this. That said, I'm open to offers to help others who don't meet the above requirements with my time if the offer is great and the amount time needed is low. I won't be putting together any proposals or documents, but I will talk to you and help you work through problems.

Feel free to make me an offer.

The benefits

What you'll learn

  • Whatever you want - I act as a mentor to support you with whatever you need to learn to pursue your goals, which I care about if those goals help other people.

For people just starting out

If this is you, you probably don't know what you don't know, or what you need to know. So most often we'll cover these:

  • 🌱 How to start a business, from a legal perspective - incorporation, getting legal stuff taken care of like shareholders agreements, selecting a law firm, dealing with ownership and co-founders, etc.
  • 📚 Business basics - what marketing, sales, customer success, human resources, accounting and finance all mean, and how to start doing them to run a company.
  • 🔨 How to create a product or service that people want that you can sell - even if you're not technical (ie. can't personally build the product or provide the service).
  • 🔑 Figuring out what problems you should even be working on, to maximize earning potential, impact, and your own happiness and sense of fulfillment.
  • And how to do all of this with little to no money.

For those who already started a business

They usually benefit most from my help on these:

  • 🚀 Go-To-Market Strategies, ie. how to acquire customers cheaply and at scale. Most notably via performance marketing and growth hacking (Ads, SEO, A/B testing etc), marketing automation & operations, sales strategy, enablement and management, brand strategy, positioning, copywriting, community marketing (e.g. influencers, partnerships, social media, etc), as well as product-driven growth strategies (e.g. programmatic SEO, virality, retention, etc.)
  • 💞 Company Culture - making your business a great place to work for you and with the best people possible, and working in such a way as to make it a success.
  • 🔮 Product Strategy and Management - how to make sure you're reaching and maintaining product-market-fit (best solution to a market problem) with each new product or service release, and building a unique/competitive roadmap. Specifically, I follow the lean product methodology by Dan Olsen, design thinking, and agile development. I can also help you with your data or AI strategy.
  • 🧲 Employer Branding and Recruitment - how to find and recruit great people to work with you, without going broke. Some examples include the how to efficiently post jobs so they're able to be found on every major job board without you having to individually manage each one, write and structure effective job descriptions and roles, define and career pages on your website.
  • 💸 How to save a lot of money, mostly through using technology. I can walk you through how to effectively manage cashflow planning and budgeting, as well as other management accounting practices. More uniquely though, I can show you the hacks I used to save hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) on operational costs through just being scrappy and knowing what tools and resources exist.
  • 💰 Fundraising - how to get others to give you money to build your dreams. I don't claim to be an expert at this, but I can share with you everything I've learned from raising money myself and from what I've learned from venture capitalists, angel investors, and other entrepreneurs.
  • 🆘 Dealing with co-founder conflict, burnout, or any of the ultra-common Founder mental health or relationship problems that will arise at some point, such as imposter syndrome.
Connor is a brilliant problem solver, even while under immense pressure in a very dynamic environment.
I worked with Connor closely over a couple of years and in that time I have never met someone more dedicated to succeeding and creating a positive environment than him. Our work saw many ups and downs, yet he never strayed or swayed from his work ethic and objectives.
Connor was one of the first people I had the pleasure to work alongside after moving to Vancouver. He was always the man you would talk to if you needed anything answered because of his apparent leadership. Connor is an extremely dependable person. He is an opportunist that is constantly looking for ways to better himself and his employers. No matter the occasion Connor will will always thrive and i'm adamant he will be a great fit for any occupation he desires.
Consistently thorough with his data management, there is never a reason why ideas didn't have a proper executable form to Connor. This approach to the business became contagious among his employees, whom he considered partners. Moreover, there was always something to learn from him, and he was always willing share his insights.
He is always in the mode of looking for innovations and progressive ideas for the businesses that he takes care of. And nonetheless, he is also one of the most hardworking people I've ever known who would choose work over sleep.
Connor is one of the hardest working, and brightest individuals I've met. What strikes me most about Connor is that he's innovative, extremely strategic, and an assertive leader.
Connor is one of the most organized and dedicated entrepreneurs I know by far.
I've known Connor for a while now and if there's one thing I know for sure about him is that he hustles. He knows how to scale a business and would be an excellent addition to any team. I would definitely recommend him.
I have met with Connor several times seeking his advice on various professional matters and each time I am overwhelmed by his motivation, broad knowledge and passion for all things business. A future leader for sure!
Connor was an absolute pleasure to work for! He is a natural born leader and has a knack for bringing out the best in his team. Connor thrives in dynamic work environments and takes a proactive, solution-oriented approach to problems. He is a constant source of motivation and provided me with an invaluable work experience!
Conner was a pleasure to work with and had outstanding customer service.
Working with Connor forced me to observe his unmatchable ambition and commitment to all he is involved in. Connor does not disappoint in tasks he commits to and is a great addition to any work environment.
He is dedicated, highly ambitious, and always thinking of the future. This is a guy who regularly thinks in big ideas, and then will follow up on those big ideas by making a detailed plan on how to go about achieving them.
Connor is one of the brightest and most motivated entrepreneurs I've met. He is dedicated and knows how to envision, plan and coordinate a project, end-to-end. I believe he can be a valuable asset to any company.
He was always investing his energy in building a sense of community in his team. I would definitely say that he has is skilled communicating ideas and getting people onboard projects.
Connor is an extremely hardworking and knowledgeable individual. His organizational skills and dedication towards tasks are both inspiring and respectable. His knowledge and skill set regarding business development helped me personally by applying his teachings to my own company.
“Insanely talented” is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Connor... His enthusiasm, work-ethic and willingness to learn was contagious and always made me strive to do better and learn more. Above all, Connor is extremely personable. While he holds you accountable for your work, he also always provides you the freedom to try new things and be creative. I strongly recommend Connor for any position that needs a driven and passionate leader.
His optimism was inspirational and his critical thinking was crucial to our operations and to my position as Human Resources Director. He made it his goal to make sure everyone had growth and learning opportunities within the company, and the company is much better off today because of that goal.
There are very few people who combine infectious enthusiasm, an analytical mindset, and a "get it done" attitude like Connor. He raises the bar for everyone he works with — and helps them exceed it. Work with Connor and you'll see tremendous growth within your company (and within yourself) every few months. A superb leader, adviser, and thinker.
Having worked with Connor for the past 7 months I can say with some certainly that he is the most hard-working individual I've ever met. He is dedicated, meticulous, intelligent, and he is always searching for a better way to do his work. He thinks well across the spectrum, from systems design to detailed implementation, drawing from a well of ideas dug deep through experience and education. His policies and methodology regarding hiring have brought great talent to the company, his engagement with our userbase has fostered genuine advocacy for the company, and his sales calls are works of art.
Connor is a true leader with the ability to put his vision into action. As an advisor to Next 36 portfolio companies, I was introduced to Connor by an internal connection in the program. Despite his background being more focused on the Growth/Marketing side, he has proven his ability to lead the company more holistically by also tackling: Operations, Product, Design and Engineering. I'm excited to see the company continue its growth heading into the new year!
Connor was a key contributor to the success of NiceJob helping take it from a startup to a successful SAAS business. He has a rare combination of skills: a deep understanding for marketing and product and how best to work with both to create a winning game. I’m confident he will succeed in his next adventure.
Connor is a phenomenon; every encounter is a learning opportunity. He excels at establishing product-market fit and building realistic, data-driven growth strategies. At NiceJob, he has built a culture where everyone is equally focused on helping each other and building something incredible. Any company with a goal to rapidly grow their business will have much more success if partnered with Connor. I would not hestiate to work with him again.
When it comes to leadership and growth, Connor definitely earns my highest recommendation. From an operations standpoint, Connor is always about efficiency, growth and making data driven decisions. On a leadership level, he genuinely cares about his employees and imparts knowledge to them. His dedication, passion and employee empowerment are very contagious and anyone looking to have a driven leader would always want him on their team
Connor is a great leader and team player. He is always there to help solve a problem and come up with the best possible solutions while supporting the team. It was a pleasure working with him and a great learning experience!
Connor is an excellent entrepreneur and has a spreadsheet ready for any question! He is dedicated, intelligent, and easy to talk to. He is skilled in welcoming new team members as well as building community with the whole team.
It's difficult to write a full review on Connor because in my time working with him there wasn't anything he couldn't help with or collaborate on. What I appreciated most about him, though, was his ability to bring a team together. Connor has a knack for recruiting great people and makes them feel valued and capable from the get-go. He empowers people to make decisions but is always there for guidance or just a chat! Connor leads by example and his enthusiasm and dedication is contagious and motivating. I was lucky to work with Connor for even a short bit of time and have no doubt he'll bring the same attitude and work ethic to any company he starts or works with!
Connor's approach to his work is such that he always endeavours to (and succeeds in) being the expert in whatever he is working on. He is incredibly curious and thorough in his research, leaving you confident that whatever opinion he has on the matter at hand is very informed. What I also really respect about Connor is that he is not just a hard worker, but a smart worker. His output is truly admirable and the combination of work ethic with efficiency (plus a huge amount of drive) is what I believe has made Connor as successful as he has been to date, and makes him someone you always want on your team.
I have had the privilege to work with Connor for the past two years, in which those two years he has been a great mentor to me. He is extremely approachable, and with a vast knowledge in Sales and Marketing, he always provides strategies that help my team grow. I appreciate how much dedication he has, and I am often impressed at how much time he dedicates to his professional growth, which results in growth to those around him.
Connor is an exceptionally motivated individual who impressed me as soon as I came aboard to the marketing team at NiceJob. Joining a startup company, I wasn't sure how comprehensive their operations & infrastructure setup were going to be but Connor had almost single-handedly strategized and implemented everything down to the smallest details. He's very analytical, goal-driven, and managerial. Connor distinguishes himself by his passion for always exploring new ideas and learning best practices to avoid stale revenue metrics—he zealously wears his growth mindset on his sleeve and entrepreneurs take notice.
He has vision, he recognizes talent, he is always in sight of the bigger picture, and I would not bet against his success regardless of industry, competition, or setback.
I remember the day you interviewed me, i was like .....OMG, he is too cool to be a boss.. 😁 I am really grateful to you as you gave me the chance in this hard time. You are super cool and i love how you treat your team as your buddies.. I am trying very very hard to make your vision come to life. You are a great Entrepreneur and one of most talented person i have met (digitally) in my life.. 😁 So great to work with you and there is so much to learn from you.
Thanks for being such a good mentor and taking a chance on me. I appreciate all the times you spend helping and guiding us in succeeding in our roles.
This man is in fact a brilliant strategist and thinker, an excellent leader and a wonderful friend. Thanks for your friendship and mentorship Connor.
Your passion, drive, and work ethic is inspiring and I am so glad so have a mentor and friend like you!
Thank you so much for giving all of us useful tidbits of information about literally every business area ever! You are an amazing all rounder and an even more amazing leader!
Connor is a very gifted analytical and strategic thinker. He has a voracious appetite for data, and has the unique ability to translate data into actionable opportunities. Connor is driven, loyal, and intelligent. A knockout combo. We're privileged to have him as our friend and on our team.
Connor is a natural leader and working with him was a pleasure! He has a problem solving attitude and always gets the job done!
Working with Connor at NiceJob has been an absolute pleasure! It wasn't easy for me to step out of my old career and start again but he has been more than supportive, always eager to teach whenever I have a question. I am regularly impressed by his fount of knowledge and his ability to analyze problems. He has done an amazing job of building NiceJob from the ground up and am ecstatic to see where the future takes us :)
At such a young age he has achieved so much as an entrepreneur. Working with Connor made me quickly realize what a good leader he is. He holds you accountable for your responsibilities while giving you all the room to navigate in your own manner.
Even though this course was an elective for him, Connor stood out as THE top student in a class of 95 students - his achievement in an IT class is noteworthy considering that some of the students had previous background in computer science and business technology management - his A+ in the course is evidence to that fact. I had a few conversations with Connor outside the classroom; he showed me the 'blueprint' of some of his business ideas and asked for feedback. The thoroughness of his analysis, as well as the balance of ambition and realism in his plans made me believe that Connor would go very far! I recommend him without hesitation.
Something that quickly became apparent about Connor was his ability to communicate his vision for the company and get others on board with ideas, which undoubtedly has helped to create a committed team behind him. Connor’s work ethic is remarkable; never have I worked with anyone that displays the same level of dedication and concern while managing a team.
Working under Connor was a great experience. Truly a force to be reckoned with.
During Connors grad year at Argyle he exhibited strength within all of his subject areas. He was an A student in the academic areas of English, Literature, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Physics, History, Marketing, Accounting and Band. His excellence in academics was consistent throughout his secondary school career, which has landed him on the honour roll with distinction multiple times and the marketing award in grade 11. Connor was always one of the first students in class, prepared, focused, eager, ready to learn new material and manages his time effectively. He demonstrates strength within the subject areas of Marketing and Accounting while often relating the material to related business areas and real life situations. His ability to do so comes from his ability to manage his time efficiently. Connor's personal characteristics will undoubtedly bring him to success in his business career. I happily give Connor my recommendation.