A lot more about me

Working With Me

My Core Values

My singular focus is to affect positive change in the biggest way that I can, through socially impactful industries, helping others succeed, and living by these values.

💪 Duty

  • My word is my bond. When I say I’ll do something, I do it. I believe it's my duty to contribute to society in the biggest way possible.

😍 Passion

  • I do what I love, and I don’t sell or make anything I’m not passionate about. I allocate my time on a strict policy of "if it's not a 'hell yes!' it's a no."

🏆 Challenge

  • I like to constantly challenge myself, learn new things, read widely, and see failures as opportunities to grow.

🎉 Community

  • I love my family, friends, and co-workers, and would do anything for them. I'm a patriot and a proud Canadian.

My Approach to Education

While most of my peers saw education a means to an end, taking the easiest courses and valuing grades over learning, I saw it as an opportunity to absorb as much knowledge as I could. I never took a course I didn't think would be useful in some way, or for a GPA boost (somehow I still managed to make Deans Honor Roll).

Here's every class I took in university and why I took it:

My Personality Test Results

I am passionate about personal development, so I try to self-analyze myself whenever I can so I can improve. To help others, you must first help yourself.


  • ENTJ - Frank, decisive, assumes leadership readily. Quickly sees illogical and inefficient procedures and policies & develops solutions.
  • Full results here

DISC Type: 

  • Di - Extremely direct communicator, makes quick, but calculated decisions. Confident, Assertive, Persuasive, Visionary, Spontaneous.

Big 5 / OCEAN:

  • High in openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, moderate in agreeableness, low in neuroticism
  • Full results here

Strengths Finder:

  • Top Strengths: Achiever, Individualization, Strategic, Analytical, Competition.
  • Full results here

My Superpower

I'm not the most athletic or artistic, but where most people can only zoom in or zoom out on an issue, I can do both.

🔮 I can see both the big picture and the details.

  • This makes me good at both strategy, and operational efficiency.
  • As I'm also an extremely data and logic oriented thinker, this makes me effective at being able to translate data to gain unique insights from connecting the dots.

My Management Styles

In order of frequency used.

1. Coaching

  • I like to help people develop for the future. If this style were summed up in one phrase, it would be “Try this.”

2. Authoritative

  • I mobilize the team toward a common vision and focus on end goals, leaving the means up to each individual.

3. Diplomatic

  • I build consensus through participation. If this style were summed up in one phrase, it would be “What do you think?”.

4. Pacesetting

  • I expect and aim to model excellence and self direction. I hold people to the same standards as myself.

My Focus Areas

I live by the quote of "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard." by Tim Notke. I believe passion, doing what you love, is the key to being able to work hard at it.

😁 Things I'm good at and enjoy:

  • Performance Marketing and Growth Hacking: Advertising, SEO, A/B testing, etc
  • Marketing Automation & Operations
  • Sales Enablement & Management
  • Brand Strategy, Positioning, & Copywriting
  • Product Strategy and Management: specifically the lean product methodology by Dan Olsen, design thinking, and agile development.
  • Company Culture Strategy
  • Employer Branding and Recruitment
  • IT Strategy: especially management tech stack selection, and data & AI strategy
  • Cashflow Planning/Budgeting, and other Management Accounting

😊 Things I'm okay at, but enjoy and am actively improving:

  • Software Development & Architecture: I can read it but not write it well yet, except as far as needed for marketing purposes, such as javascript for SEO.
  • UX/UI Design - I know what good looks like, but it would take me longer to get to it.

😐 Things I'm good at but don't enjoy:

  • Fundraising - entirely because it takes me away from building the business. The meetings are fun but it's a painfully repetitive process to get them in the first place.
  • Sales - I vastly prefer marketing or sales management. While I'm very good at selling, I personally dislike the repetitive nature of inside sales and business development.

Who I like to work with

I really love the quote "A-Players hire A-players, B-players hire C-players." by Steve Jobs.

I ideally want to work with people who:

🚀 Are Hardworking, Smart, and Ambitious:

  • Do we have shared values, a similar mission of creating social impact and can we get along and be friends?

👌 Have compatible Values and Personalities:

  • Do we have shared values, a similar mission of creating social impact and can we get along and be friends?

🕵️ Are Detail Oriented and Emotionally Intelligent:

  • Can you see the macro and the micro, believe the devil is in the details, and work with and motivate others?

📖 Are Risk Taking, Curious, and Well Read:

  • Can you see the macro and the micro, believe the devil is in the details, and work with and motivate others?

Professional Interests: Social Impact Focused.

To me, social mission and positive impact on society are the most important things for how I allocate my time. This means if we work together you'll know I care deeply about it.

Here's what I look for:

🎓 Education:

  • How people acquire information & are able to demonstrate / distribute that knowledge

💊 Health:

  • How people become and stay healthy (mentally & physically)

🪙 Finance / Commerce:

  • How people get/keep/manage money, and optimally allocate their time to society

🚇 Cities & Transport:

  • Where/how goods and people live and travel and how this increases personal freedoms

🍕 Food, Drink, & Socialization:

  • What/how people eat/drink/acquire food/drink and develop/maintain relationships

🔐 Governance & Security:

  • How governments are held accountable to citizens, govern fairly and efficiently, and how people stay safe

Personal Interests: People Focused

Your co-workers are a little bit like a family. You don't always get to choose them, but it's better if you get along. If my interests are perhaps similar to yours, we would probably get along well.

📺 TV & Movies

  • Favourites: The Office, How I Met Your Mother, House of Cards, Game of Thrones, The Imitation Game, Finding Nemo, Sherlock Holmes, Silicon Valley, Narcos, Breaking Bad

🎵 Music

  • I love Indie/Alt Rock, Classic Rock, EDM, Hip Hop, Classical, Jazz, and really most music.

🧭 History & Travel

  • I love board games like Risk, read historical fiction novels, relax with Video Games like Civilization & Total War, and I've traveled to countless countries,  with family, my girlfriend, and solo. Travel is my favorite pastime.

🏦 Business & Economics

  • I literally read about things like organizational culture for fun, and consumer behavior and financial markets fascinate me.

📢 Politics & Philosophy

  • I would love to enter politics one day, and I love discussing issues such as existentialism.

🧠 Psychology & Sociology

  • People are interesting, and I love analyzing & learning about them.

My SWOT Chart

That's right. I made a SWOT chart for myself. It's a bit old (2017) but still pretty good. See it here.